Poblanos are fairly mild yet flavorful green chiles that are the traditional choice for chiles rellenos in Mexico.

bear likes Steven Raichlen’s barbecued bean and cheese chiles rellenos, which are cooked on the grill. truman roasts poblanos, stuffs them with a mixture of polenta, corn kernels, and cheese, and bakes them in a spicy tomato sauce.

bushwickgirl makes a layered gratin of crisp baked wedges of corn tortilla, strips of roasted and peeled poblano sautéed with diced fresh or canned tomatoes, onions, and garlic, and a rich cheese sauce. Val thinks this fettuccine with chicken, red onion, and peppers is fabulous; she recommends slicing the poblanos very thin for best results.

janeh purées roasted poblanos with Mexican crema to make a sauce to accompany tamales. “In the absence of tamales, the stuff is pretty great on anything, including a spoon,” she says.

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