Izayoi is full of delicious tidbits, lotta_cox reports; it’s a new highlight for Little Tokyo.

There is excellent, sweet broiled cod. There is monkfish liver in a pool of ponzu—it’s impressive, silky, and delicious; it’s also a big portion for $6.50. There is scallop-and-mushroom sauté, prepared with lots of butter, garlic, and parsley, and served sizzling; it’s amazing, says lotta_cox. “The preparation reminds me of escargot. But the flavors of the various mushrooms pop out more strongly against the butter and garlic than snail does.”

Miso-marinated pork belly is stunning: “wonderful, fatty, miso-y, slightly chewy decadence,” says lotta_cox. And Izayoi serves clams steamed in sake. “The broth was heavenly,” says lotta_cox.

Izayoi [Little Tokyo]
132 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles

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