“I thought I died and went to heaven,” says Neta. She’s talking about the chocolate mousse at the Arcadia branch of RJ Patisserie. “It was a deep chocolate outside and a creamy delicious very chocolate mousse inside.” The pastries and cakes here are uniformly beautiful, but expensive.

“Another place for beautifully precious things that taste great is Patisserie Chantilly,” says bulavinaka. It’s distinctly in the Asian school of fine Euro pastries: not too sweet, and beautifully made. There are fantastic cream puffs, too, which are best eaten immediately, though they can plausibly hang out for up to five hours.

RJ Patisserie [San Gabriel Valley]
1220 S. Golden West Avenue, Arcadia

RJ Patisserie [San Gabriel Valley]
1635 S. Azusa Avenue, Hacienda Heights

Patisserie Chantilly [South Bay]
2383 Lomita Boulevard #104, Lomita

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