A Swiss restaurant called the Storchen is serving food made with human breast milk, says the Telegraph. Restaurant owner Hans Locher explains, “I first experimented with breast milk when my daughter was born. One can cook really delicious things with it. However, it always needs to be mixed with a bit of whipped cream, in order to keep the consistency.”

Locher pays donors “just over 3 pounds” (that’s nearly 6 bucks in American dollars) for 14 ounces of their milk. Epicurious commenters have a few concerns about this situation—missbhavens wishes women would donate their milk to ill and orphaned infants instead; flaquita is wondering if they’re “screening the breast milk for blood bourne diseases, such as HIV”; and play_with_food is upset about the milk donors’ pay rate: “Seriously, as a woman who spent many hours hooked to a breast pump in my day, I think these donors are selling themselves (and their milk) short!”

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