There are few things more satisfying to read than a highly articulate person venting, with righteous rage, at PR-industry pinheads. On that premise, writer Max “Bunny” Sparber presents a bile-infused polemic about the opening of the new W Hotel in Minneapolis’s Foshay Tower.

A sample tidbit:

So here’s a note to the people who run and manage to new W hotel in downtown Minneapolis: If you’re going to throw a party for the opening of your new hotel, and you’re going to invite the local press to cover it, don’t treat us like we’re some star-struck fans who will be so dazzled to see a parade of z-level celebrities that we’d be happy to do your publicity work for you. That’s not our job, and we’re going to resent you for assuming it is.

Sparber also gets into the cocktails at the hotel bar (delicious), summarizes the attitude of his fellow writers (cross), and dishes the requisite “officious little man in glasses” story (tart).

The two-sentence takeaway for PR agents in a hurry:

It’s simply not wise to put writers behind ropes and keep them out of a party, especially when there is liquor inside. They get surly.

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