Kebab Factory’s buffet lunch is a thing of great deliciousness: “Really some of the very best Indian food I have had in Boston. $8 for the buffet is a steal,” avows StriperGuy. “Lots of variety, mustard, mango, onion, tamarind chutneys, mint sauce, saag paneer, cauliflower, dal, meat, chicken, and shrimp dishes.”

On a day that FoodDabbler tried the buffet, there was “enormous variety,” with eight dishes including chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani, and goat curry, plus samosas, soup, and condiments. Also on the buffet were black-pepper chicken kebabs, “maybe my favourite bit of the buffet, served on roasted peppers and onions, and always succulent,” says chickendhansak. It’s a regular on the steam table.

Some complain that the regular menu’s a little pedestrian: “almost entirely textbook Indian-restaurant-in-America,” says FoodDabbler, “with the same tired list to be found in so many places: tandoori chicken, various tikkas, sag paneer, etc.” But there are gems to be found, like that buffet, almost universally adored by hounds, and the soups: “I’ve tried one broccoli, one mushroom, and one spinach soup,” says Pia. They weren’t “typical menu items at an Indian restaurant, but they were all delicious, comforting soups, not too heavy, and with subtle Indian spices.” There’s usually at least one soup on the buffet at lunch, and they’re always good.

If you visit during a nonbuffet time, the chicken kofta and ras malai (paneer soaked in clotted cream with cardamom) come recommended. The buffet is a shockingly reasonable $8 during the week; a somewhat-less-shocking $12 on weekends.

Kebab Factory [North of Boston]
415 Washington Street, Somerville

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