Jacob Wirth is, as dsmoxie has it, “a relic—Mitteleuropean take on what Boston dining would still be like if tech, finance, and immigration hadn’t given the area a huge infusion of money and diversity.” The atmosphere is authentic, the restaurant itself historic, both of which usually spell dreadful food. But several hounds actually claim otherwise.

dsmoxie says, “But the wurst had snap, and the cabbage was pleasingly sour, and neither floppy nor overly crunchy. Good cornbread.” The butter, however, is Sysco-industrial, and the mustard is Gulden’s: “Some decent mustards would be the next step, in the event they want to improve their game.”

Bob Dobalina ventured in and had a fine weisswurst on a roll with kraut and fries, while others at his table had good sauerbraten, spaetzle, and the iceberg wedge with bacon and chicken: “fresh and yummy, not overdressed.”

Other tips: “It’s hard to mess up sausages, and they’re not bad here,” says Spelunker. “But they really do have one of the best beer lists in town, even though it tends to be overlooked: a great selection of German and Belgians, with some locals. The other day I was there and they had Schneider Aventinus on tap, which is rare and fantastic.”

Jacob Wirth Restaurant [Downtown]
31 Stuart Street, Boston

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