monku‘s favorite fried rice is at Koraku, a Japanese coffee shop in Little Tokyo. The rice is a meal in itself, says monku. You can get plain fried rice, curry fried rice, or fried rice topped with a shrimp omelet and gravy. “Koraku makes my favorite fried rice in LA,” agrees la2tokyo. “Wish it was a little bigger portion though.”

Although the most famous dish at Seafood Village is the garlic crab, says Lau, his favorite is golden fried rice, “a very simple preparation done really well.” It’s a minimalist fried rice, using only egg whites, thinly sliced green onions, small golden fried onions, and tiny bits of shrimp and meat. “It is so light and fluffy, not remotely oily or overly salty with a good wok flavor to it. I ate like 3 bowls of it, I highly recommend this dish,” says Lau.

Koraku [Downtown]
314 E. Second Street, Los Angeles

Seafood Village
684 W. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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