Brunello Trattoria is the closest you’ll get to Naples in Los Angeles, says basilboy. “The pasta is homemade and cooked al dente. They are never over sauced. The ingredients are fresh and local. The fresh baked bread is unbelievably distinctive and amazingly good. … The pizza is great and uses the same bread recipe for the crust. … The recipes range from Roman to Neapolitan to Northern Italian, and most all of them bring you back to Italy.”

“I grew up eating Italian food passed down from old family recipes … and Brunello is like the perfect comfort food for me,” says noahbites. “The menu is simple, but almost every dish has that homemade care and love that just puts me in a good mood.”

The special of linguine with soft-shell crab is fantastic, says slacker. Gnocchi vongole—gnocchi with a circle of clams—is different, and really tasty, says noahbites. And he’s managed to order it every time, even when it wasn’t on the daily specials list.

SecretAsianMan just discovered the place: “The food and service were so fantastic that I ate there three nights in a row, introducing a different foodie friend each night. Two nights in a row, I ordered the veal-porcini fettucine, which was so amazingly delicious that it dominated my consciousness for days.”

The ambiance is simple: a clean little family joint, all the way.

Brunello Trattoria [Westside–Inland]
6001 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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