Did you know Los Angeles has a Little Tel Aviv? It’s in Tarzana. bulavinaka’s best hummus experience yet is at Hummus Bar and Grill, right in “the epicenter of Little Tel Aviv.” You may, says bulavinaka, be the only non-Israeli in the place.

The hummus is “very creamy, mild, a little umami, swirled with olive oil and some spice and herbs,” says bulavinaka. You can have it plain, or topped with sautéed mushrooms, chicken, steak, or pine nuts. But the best topping of all is braised chickpeas. “It sounds redundant but the braised chickpeas do add another subtle dimension of flavor and texture.”

Flatbread is made fresh and served immediately.

Hummus Bar and Grill [San Fernando Valley–West]
18743 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana

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