Claim that Germans are a bunch of beer-swilling louts, and you’ll rightfully be taken apart for bashing an ethnic group. But Bavarian state premier Günther Beckstein moved that hoary slur a few clicks toward credible on the truthometer when he weighed in on the sensitive topic of drinking and driving. According to website The Local: Germany’s News in English:

‘If one drinks two Maß in six or seven hours at Oktoberfest, it’s possible [to drive],’ Beckstein told German broadcaster Bayerischen Rundfunk, referring to the gigantic one-litre mugs used at the beer festival. ‘But naturally not if one drinks two Maß in two hours.’

The head of the GDP, the German police union, put the quote into context in a hurry:

‘I ask myself what came over him,’ Harald Schneider said in Munich. ‘He must’ve had two Maß of beer before he said that.’

At any rate, as a feel-good chaser to this sordid gaffe, here’s the awe-inspiring beer-pouring situation at Oktoberfest.

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