Mile End, the Montreal Jewish deli that opened early this year in Boerum Hill to Chowhound raves about its smoked meat, quietly starting serving draft a couple of months ago. Yep, they’ve got Sixpoint’s Righteous Rye on tap.

The bottled beer and wine menu has been kicking around since May, but it has always seemed a bit pricey. At six bucks a pint, the Sixpoint will be a welcome addition to many regulars. “We’re 100 percent committed to always carrying Sixpoint,” reports co-owner Noah Bernamoff, “because Jeff [Gorlechen] of Sixpoint was able to source these very rare, wide-and-low quarter kegs for us.”

Anyone who’s visited Mile End knows it’s short on space, which is a constant challenge for the owners. Bernamoff and Gorlechen put their heads together to retrofit a small fridge with the quarter kegs, and now Bernamoff feels indebted to the local brewery. Why the rye and not other brews? “It happens to really complement the food we serve. A lot of the food we make has caraway built into it; lots of sandwiches are served on rye.” Though Bernamoff doesn’t anticipate having room in the current setup for another tap anytime soon, he “wouldn’t rule out having another Sixpoint beer. I love their new pilsner, and I’ve always dug their Sweet Action.”

Now still-tipsy brunchers can get a proper hair of the dog to accompany that Great Hangover Cure, poutine. Having a beer alongside the Montreal classic—fries topped with squeaky cheese curds, smoked meat, and gravy—means the only question is whether the Mile End owners will let you wear your robe inside, à la The Social Network, before you trundle back to bed.

Mile End [Boerum Hill]
97 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn

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