Ever feel, in this era of the “foodie” and the “foodist,” as though everyone you know is in the business of making or writing about food?

We had one of those experiences recently, upon realizing that our nine-apartment building was home to not only one food writer, but also the owners of a new Eastern European café (Karloff) and a Café Boulud cook. This building is one-third food nerd!

The Karloff owners, both of whom hail from Eastern Europe, have completely transformed the former Tea Lounge space. The revamped eatery boasts shiny stamped-tin ceilings, a bunch of furniture made out of reclaimed wood, a wide selection of ice cream and pastries, and an eclectic menu with offerings including beef stew and an item of enormous interest to a Russian-Jewish friend who has just moved here from Greenpoint, who pressed her nose against the glass and screamed, “Borscht! BORSCHT! Now this neighborhood finally has everything I want!”

She’s right: There are no Eastern European cafés in Cobble Hill or downtown Brooklyn, at least to our knowledge. It remains to be seen how good the grub is, so hounds, report back!

Karloff [Cobble Hill]
254 Court Street, Brooklyn
No phone number available

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