Last week marked the start of decidedly autumnal weather here in the city, and hounds are beginning to drool over heartier fare. There have been fewer obsessive lobster roll and ice cream posts and more devoted to hefty eats like cemitas.

The Mexican sandwich—distinguished from the torta by its darker, sesame-seed-sprinkled roll and (according to some) the inimitable, piquant herb papalo—is no doubt lurking in every one of the five boroughs, but this informative thread started by 2slices focuses on Queens. Chowhound favorites include Tia Julia, El Poblano, Coatzingo, and the Roosevelt Avenue carts. New Yorkers being class acts, folks from boroughs like Brooklyn and the Bronx chimed in with suggestions, too.

Dive into the thread to find suggestions and weigh in with your favorites, then head to Serious Eats for some pretty pictures.

Tia Julia [Woodside]
68-06 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

El Poblano [Jackson Heights]
75-13 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

Coatzingo [Jackson Heights]
76-05 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

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