Louie & Ernie’s makes the best classic New York pizza that Chowhounds rarely talk about. Its regular pie boasts tasty sauce, not too much mozzarella, and just the right touch of oregano, spread over a thin crust baked to a nice char, ericalloyd reports. JFores declares this “the ideal NYC slice,” dethroning a previous champion, San Marco in Williamsburg.

A signature specialty is the white pie, a rich and sumptuous creation covered with creamy ricotta that comes from a deli right down the street, SpiceJunkies reports—though it’s a bit too much of a good thing for some. Several hounds insist you mustn’t miss the exceptionally fine sausage and calzones.

“Liked everything about the place; the vibe, the service, how off-the-beaten-path it is,” sums up Polecat, whose hour-plus subway trek from Queens was amply rewarded. Most agree that Louie & Ernie’s location, tucked away in Pelham Bay in the eastern Bronx, is the reason it’s not often mentioned by hounds. “I can’t help but feel that if it were in Brooklyn or Manhattan, it would get much more attention,” Polecat adds. “Much deserved as well.”

Louie & Ernie’s [Bronx]
1300 Crosby Avenue (at Waterbury Avenue), Bronx

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