Curious about the recent changes at Sebo (the departure of one co-chef/owner and the addition of a new sushi chef), a couple of hounds checked it out.

Windy saw lots of new faces, but they were friendly ones, and the fish is still top-notch. If anything, the availability has improved, notes yancaneat—”they now have a regular source of bluefin and have toro most nights.” They also now have Hokkaido uni, which is “a treat—smaller and sweeter than California, with a bit less of a briny sea flavor,” yancaneat says.

Other highlights from Windy’s meal include tiny white shrimp, bonito, and madai. Ikura is great, too. Prices have gone up slightly, and nigiri is now sold by the piece, for about $3 to $6 each—that Hokkaido uni is $9.

Get there early (at 6) to snag a seat at the bar. Sakes are still good, but there’s less selection than there used to be, notes SteveG.

Sebo [Hayes Valley]
517 Hayes Street, San Francisco

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