Kate Hopkins at Accidental Hedonist has a post about “The Great Food Debates”—you know, stuff like “Coke or Pepsi?” “Thin or thick pizza crust?” “Rare or well done?” These are the arguments that define people and wreak havoc on Thanksgiving.

When it comes to the “Cake or pie?” question, however, Hopkins has posted a very funny video from comedian Jim Gaffigan that argues persuasively for the former. Gaffigan’s the funnyman who likes food so much that he watches the Food Network pantsless (click on the Late Show with David Letterman clip on the right tagged “Director/Food”). In this clip, he talks about how cake brings people who hate each other together (“It’s Bill’s birthday.” “Ah, I hate that guy.” “There’s cake in the conference room.” “Well, I should say hello.”), and why you never see a hot chick popping out of a pie.

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