If you’re looking for German breads and pretzels, you’d do well to check out Esther’s German Bakery, hounds say.

“Their pretzels are fairly spot on, but often times i get there late and many of their products are sold out or stale,” says augustiner. “They sell german style rolls, as well as some of the darker, whole grain breads, including rye breads. I haven’t fully explored their products, but the pretzels and the rolls and a few of their desserts gave me a whiff of nostalgia. Not quite right, but pretty good.”

Esther’s has a couple of locations on the Peninsula, but San Francisco residents will have to go to Rainbow Grocery to find its products.

Robert Lauriston recommends Vacaville-based Pure Grain Bakery, which he thinks supplies the San Francisco German restaurant Suppenküche, and Richmond-based OctoberFeast Bakery, whose baked goods can be found at Rainbow Grocery as well as at certain Whole Foods Markets and farmers’ markets.

Esther’s German Bakery [Peninsula]
987 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos

Esther’s German Bakery [Peninsula]
570 Showers Drive, Mountain View

Pure Grain Bakery [Solano County]
600 Eubanks Court, Suite A, Vacaville

OctoberFeast Bakery [East Bay]
6247 Highland Avenue, Richmond

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