When you have a bumper crop of jalapeños, or simply luck into a great price, you can freeze them for later use, make terrific condiments, or make appetizers like jalapeño poppers or halved jalapeños stuffed with seasoned cream cheese, wrapped in a half slice of bacon, and baked until the bacon is crisp.

critter101 makes cowboy candy: sliced jalapeños cooked in sugar syrup. willdupre makes jalapeño relish by simmering 2 pounds seeded and diced jalapeños, a diced carrot, a diced red pepper, 4 cups apple cider vinegar, 1 1/2 cups sugar, and 1 tablespoon each mustard seeds and dill for 20 minutes; cool and refrigerate. It’s “awesome on anything from chili to enchiladas to hot dogs and hamburgers,” he says.

Breezychow washes and dries jalapeños and freezes them whole in zip-top freezer bags. Use as needed in cooking. “They’re very easy to seed and chop/mince in the frozen state,” says Breezychow. “Needless to say, the texture won’t be crisp, but it’s absolutely fine for chili, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes.” Analisas mom blends the chiles, seeds and all, with a bit of olive oil in a blender, and freezes the mixture. “When I want to spice up a soup or something I just scoop a spoon out,” she says.

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