Great Cantonese barbecue abounds in the Bay Area, but you’re likely to have to go to one place for your roasted duck and another for soy sauce chicken.

Perhaps the closest to an all-around favorite is Cheung Hing, which K K describes as “a great place overall, but their marinades and sauce taste very different from an above average street shop in Hong Kong (maybe it is the Toishanese prep).”

“I live down the street from Cheung Hing and while their roast duck is good, I prefer the crispy skinned roast duck and roast pork (siu yook) from Lam Hoa Thuan,” says manda.

Happy Bakery does well with poultry, several hounds say, particularly roasted duck, soy sauce chicken, and the steamed/poached “yellow fur” chicken. For soy sauce chicken, K K likes the version at R&G Lounge, although it’s often on the sweet side.

Nancy Berry’s favorite roast pork with crispy skin (siu yok) is at Wing Hing: juicy meat with crinkly, crispy skin.

Win’s does an excellent roast pork with very crispy skin and the right ratio of meat to fat, says Sarah.

Cheung Hing [Sunset]
2339 Noriega Street, San Francisco

Lam Hoa Thuan [Sunset]
2337 Irving Street, San Francisco

Happy Bakery [Ingleside]
1548 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco

R&G Lounge [Chinatown]
631 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Wing Hing [Portola]
2550 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco

Win’s [Sunset]
3040 Taraval Street, San Francisco

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