Several Chowhounds roast their tomato sauce for pasta. “Roasting concentrates the flavors and enhances the sugar content of fruits and veggies,” explains Kelli2006.

Boccone Dolce recommends throwing the cooked sauce into a big roasting pan, and then into a hot oven for a while. “It’s goooood.” geminigirl roasts tomatoes with other summer veggies tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper until they’re soft; then puts them all in a blender to make a sauce. Once the vegetables are roasted, you don’t notice their skins, so she doesn’t bother peeling them beforehand. But Cookiefiend finds it’s easy to pluck off the tomatoes’ skins once they’re roasted, if you prefer your tomatoes peeled. She browns meatballs, deglazes the pan, and adds the roasted sauce to simmer with the meatballs.

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