Obsessed with food poisoning and its causes? I know I am, and, really, who in this day and age can afford not to be?

To help you keep your finger on the food-borne-illness pulse, the International Food Safety Network—an organization dedicated to providing research, commentary, policy evaluation, and public information on food-safety issues—has a blog. Its title? The Barf Blog.

As you would probably expect from a blog with barf in the title, it’s as entertaining as it is informative. Recent posts have questioned the advisability of bacteria-ridden therapy animals in senior centers, quoted Cheech and Chong, and revealed the dangers of communal cheese curds. One caveat: Raw-milk boosters should probably get their food-safety news elsewhere.

There’s even a section devoted to “Celebrity Barf” so you can keep up with the food-poisoning bouts afflicting your favorite stars.

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