Anybody heard the Nas album that dropped last month? It caused some controversy in the music world, but one of its least contentious tracks has some foodie appeal. Rolling Stone explains:

Throughout, [Nas] plays the politically incorrect trickster, resisting easy sloganeering, denouncing Bill O’Reilly on the one hand and hip-hop materialism on the other, gleefully exploiting racist and misogynist minstrel-show stereotypes in songs like ‘Fried Chicken’ …

Fans of R. Kelly’s down-and-dirty “Sex in the Kitchen” will find a lot to love in this ode to Southern fare. (If you don’t mind explicit language, you can read the lyrics here and listen to the track here.) Here’s a work-safe excerpt from Nas’s “Fried Chicken,” which features Busta Rhymes:

After you shower, you and your Gold Medal flour

Then you rub on hot oil for ’bout a half an hour

You in your hot tub, I’m looking at you salivating

Dry you off, I got your paper towel waiting …

When we done, I need rest

Don’t know a part of you that I love best

Your legs or your breast

Word of Mouth’s Paul Owen notes, “Few have used their songs to simply tell their meal how much they love it. But the quickest way to Nas’s heart is obviously through his stomach.”

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