Artisan Cheese Gallery serves the “sandwiches of the Gods,” says creamfinger. The best non-deli-style sandwich creamfinger has had in recent memory is Artisan’s glorious duck confit. This “damn fine” sandwich involves fresh ciabatta bread with a good schmear of fig spread, a few slices of slightly pungent Le Maréchal cheese, and duck confit. The whole affair is popped into a sandwich press; it comes out “warm and a bit gooey.”

“Melody, the owner, is a gem, and her staff, with one exception, are all amazing pros!” says Diana. Adds a213b, “My wife and I were treated with more than a little snobbery at [the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills], whereas Melodie and Co have always welcomed and treated us like close friends.”

Artisan started out as a cheese counter with a few extra dishes; it has been remodeled and is more of a restaurant now. It still serves all the same cheese though, says a213b.

Artisan Cheese Gallery [San Fernando Valley–East]
12023 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City

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