deliciouscoma loves Isaan-style Thai more than anything. So she’s excited by Khun Dom, “a Thai restaurant in a barren region of Melrose. … The place secretly specializes in Isaan-style salads, a fact apparently unknown to most of the patrons.”

The highlight is nam kao tod—pork-and-crispy-rice salad. “I loved the gingery bite and the slick, crispy bits of rice—but what made it even better was following up each mouthful with a chomp of fresh greens and a chunk of perfectly cooked sticky rice. Isaan synergy!”

Nam tok—grilled beef salad—is also excellent, “dripping with spicy lime dressing and meaty juices.”

“Sitting in Khun Dom sipping a cold beer and munching on nam kao tod and greens could almost make me forget I didn’t go to Thailand with my sisters this summer. I’ll just pretend it’s my own Isaan desert island,” says deliciouscoma.

Khun Dom a.k.a. Khun Dang [East of Hollywood]
4681 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

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