“I like to read British mysteries,” says DonShirer. “Strangely, the food most often mentioned in this genre is ‘beans on toast,’ evidently an everyday item used for breakfast lunch or dinner (at least according to the authors).” But good old American Boston baked beans on wheat toast leaves a lot to be desired. What’s special about the English dish?

The key is to use English canned beans, like the widely available Heinz beans in tomato sauce in the blue can, says Kagey. “They’re not the same as the brown-sugary ones that Americans often associate with baked beans,” says Kagey. Branston beans are also popular. And the dish is “much improved through adding a little curry powder or hot paprika and eating on thick white toast,” says LBJR09. “If having with English breakfast I like to cook in frying pan until the sauce thickens and you have to shake off the spoon.” Top with a fried egg or grated cheddar to make the dish more substantial.

“We love everything on toast—eggs, tinned spaghetti, Heinz tinned macaroni cheese, beans, sardines, cheese, Marmite, jams, pâtés,” says smartie of his British brethren.

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