For superbobx2, the long and often-disappointing quest for superior bubble tea just took a rewarding turn in Oakland Gardens, Queens. A long-established, little-discussed shop called Sweet Adele’s mixes a great one; “the flavor is very authentic,” he says, “and most importantly, the bubble/boba/tapioca balls are the perfect chewiness.”

Also on the menu: Hawaiian-style ice desserts with numerous toppings, including red bean and condensed milk—served in flower cups, the way they do it at Matsumoto Shave Ice in Haleiwa. And there’s more, bob adds: candies and Japanese snackish stuff, including $2.50 California rolls. All in all, he writes, “a real neat place.”

Sweet Adele’s [Oakland Gardens]
73-24 Bell Boulevard (between 73rd Avenue and 73rd Road), Oakland Gardens, Queens

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