lizd777 has a steak-loving boss she needs to take to dinner, but without the “swanky/upscale” vibe of a steakhouse. Whaddaya got, hounds?

Several love the steaks at Gaslight. “The bar steak is very good as are the steak frites,” says yumyum. “I took some out-of-towners there a few weeks ago and it was a very nice dinner indeed. They enjoyed the ‘city’ feel and I enjoyed the free parking, the carafes of wine, and the skate.” Mike5966 agrees: “I’ve had Gaslight’s steak frites (about $19) six or seven times now and think it’s the best version in the South End. For me it’s always been cooked consistently to temperature, with a well-seasoned exterior and a very good accompanying béarnaise.”

Hillstone (formerly known as Houston’s) in Faneuil Hall used to grill over wood chips, giving steaks a terrific hickory and applewood flavor. No longer are the chips in favor, but the steaks are still great, the wines are good, the atmosphere is lively and fun, and the loaded baked potato is incredible: “It’s got sea/kosher salt flecks on the toasty and very edible skin, pillowy and steamy potato flesh, shredded sharp cheddar, perfectly caramelized bacon bits, chives, cold sour cream, and whipped butter melting all over the place,” says Mike5966. “I eat this thing with a knife and fork, skin and all. The baked potatoes at every big brass steakhouse in town are child’s play compared to this.”

Gaslight Brasserie du Coin [South End]
560 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Hillstone [Downtown]
60 State Street, Suite P, Boston

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