Indian pudding is a classic dessert that dates back to Colonial times. It’s derived from hasty pudding, a dish made from flour or oatmeal boiled with milk. Lacking wheat to make flour, the Colonists made do with cornmeal, sweetening it with molasses and cooking it slowly until it thickened and set. Indian pudding takes hours to cook and it’s usually served warm (with ice cream), making it more of a special occasion treat than an everyday thing. Unless you can order it at a restaurant, that is!

Durgin Park is one of the few places you can still get it, but Alcachofa thinks that Locke-Ober’s version is better. Hounds also speak up for the IP at Summer Shack. And it seems that numerous places make an Indian pudding ice cream, but Alcachofa disapproves, saying that the dessert depends on the interplay between warm, slightly grainy pudding and cool, creamy ice cream.

Durgin Park [Downtown]
340 Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston

Locke-Ober [Downtown]
3 Winter Place, Boston

Summer Shack [South Boston]
310 Northern Avenue, Boston

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