Mirchi Indian Café is a new place in a seemingly cursed location in Mountain View. But unlike its predecessors, Mirchi seems to understand it has to offer something extra to succeed, says mdg.

There are four curries and one rice dish on a menu that changes daily, with no duplications during the week. Most of the menu leans toward South India, with a few northern specialties too, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian.

Pesarattu upma is delicious, with onions and some peppers in the pesarattu crêpe, and a flavorful upma filling. It comes with sambar and a couple of unusual chutneys (tomato and coconut-peanut).

Lunch is mostly a steam-table affair, and the place is cash only.

Mirchi Indian Café [Peninsula]
867 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View

Board Link: Mirchi Indian Cafe–Mountain View

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