“I’d be willing to trek across town to Momed for the duck shawarma alone,” says jacqueline f.

The house-made whole-wheat pita is stuffed with intensely spiced duck confit. “The aroma of cinnamon wafts over you the moment your order is placed on the table,” says jacqueline f. There’s oven-dried tomatoes and fig confit; the sweetness and acidity play gorgeously off the rich duck meat. “Add a bit of garlic spread and bright green mache and you’ve got a new addition to Jonathan Gold’s Essential 99,” says jacqueline f.

“At $14, this is not a cheap wrap, but its succulence (I don’t use this word lightly!) makes it worth every penny,” says jacqueline f.

Momed [Beverly Hills]
233 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

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