NYC Wants to Be Your Mom (if You’re Poor): New York’s mayor and governor urged the USDA to stop letting people use food stamps to buy sugary sodas and sports drinks. via CNN

Bees Finally Catch a Break: Military scientists and entomologists made a big breakthrough in regards to the mysterious die-off of honeybees known as colony collapse disorder when they identified new suspected causes: a fungus and a virus acting together. via New York Times

Binge Drinking Bad, Pregnant Drinking Might Be OK: The CDC released results from a study about binge drinking (four or more drinks consumed in a short period of time for women, five for men). Not so shocking finding: High schoolers are trying to get wasted. Meanwhile, a British study came out in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that found that a glass or two of wine a week during pregnancy is probably OK. U.S. officials, however, are still sticking to their guns that any alcohol during pregnancy is bad, reported Time. via WebMD and Time

More Booze News: Delhi changed a longstanding law that forbade women to serve booze. Hopefully, this does not lead to any Coyote Ugly franchises. via Associated Press

A Good Read: It was just like any other weekend, you know, a handmade cob oven, cases of wine from Kermit Lynch, a basket of morel and porcini mushrooms, a whole goat to roast. Oh, and cases of the finest local organic produce. Has Michael Pollan been drinking Alice Waters’ idyllic gloat-inducing Berkeley water? His five-page article in the New York Times about his fabulous dinner party with his fabulous friends and fabulous food left us feeling a little sour. And it’s not just because we’re envious.

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

• Frito-Lay is pulling the much-joked-about Loud SunChips Bag after consumer complaints.

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

• Murray’s Cheese, the famous NYC cheese shop, is partnering with Kroger grocery stores to open up branches nationwide.

• Jeremy Fox, formally of Ubuntu, is partnering with Tyler Florence; he’s been named the creative director for the Florence Group.

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