Popular Thai restaurant Basil now has a casual cousin, Basil Canteen, says Ken Hoffman. With brickwork and exposed iron I-beams, it has an urban vibe, and is located in the middle of SOMA clubland. There is a large communal table that makes up half the restaurant’s seating capacity, and Ken thinks the space will work best at lunch or late at night.

“The pad thai was a strong rendition with sweet, soft white shrimp and firm noodles bathed in a tangy coating of orangey red sauce,” says Ken. “No noodle was spared by meal’s end.” Pau pia sod was “a fresh, nonfried roll of crabmeat, egg, and sweet Asian sausage bundled in a pillowy flour wrap that reminded me of steamed BBQ pork bun dough.” And it’s not all noodles: Ken also spotted a red curry with large, succulent-looking pieces of duck and a mound of jasmine rice.

Basil Canteen [SOMA]
1489 Folsom Street, San Francisco

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