Goat is a terrific meat for braising or stewing. “If you like curry, goat is the perfect vehicle for it,” says Cherylptw, who recommends this Jamaican goat curry.

DoobieWah browns chunks of goat meat in bacon fat or oil, removes them from the pan, deglazes the pan with water, stock, or beer, then returns the meat along with a couple of teaspoons of toasted cumin seeds, half an onion, and a couple of chipotle peppers, and braises until tender. When tender, place the chunks of meat on a broiler pan, flatten with the back of a spoon, brush with a bit of braising liquid, and broil until crisp. Serve in soft tortillas with fresh onion and cilantro.

gembellina likes an African goat stew with carrots, sweet potato, red pepper, and peanut butter to give it a creamy texture.

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