The mamey is a large, sweet tropical fruit. Its flesh is a gorgeous, bright orange, and has “a texture not unlike cooked sweet potato,” says Pat Hammond. moh enjoys the hint of spice that’s detectable in the flesh, particularly cinnamon.

Mameys are cloyingly sweet, says Pat Hammond, and a squeeze of lime is welcome. The fruit isn’t normally eaten on its own in Mexico, says Eat_Nopal. It’s more commonly used in a licuado (juice smoothie) or helado (ice cream). “I’ve had it as a shake in a Cuban restaurant and as an ice cream flavor in a Mexican shop,” says Jase. “Fantastic flavor. Works really well in the rich, creamy milk base.” Pat Hammond likes it in a smoothie with banana, yogurt, and orange juice.

Mamey even shows up in mole, says Eat_Nopal: It’s added roasted, boiled, or raw to Manchamanteles mole (along with pork, plantains, and other fruits). And the seeds are prepared, ground, and used as a base for moles in the Tlaxcala and Puebla regions.

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