I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but packaged food isn’t getting any better. In fact according to a piece on NPR’s Marketplace, rising commodities costs are leading food-makers to substitute cheaper ingredients in processed foods.

Reporting on a Wall Street Journal article (subscription required), the Marketplace piece noted that the McCormick spice company is steering its corporate clients away from fresh garlic and toward easier-to-ship garlic concentrate. Meanwhile Pillsbury has replaced the pecans in its turtle cookies with walnuts, which is a little sad, because isn’t the very definition of a chocolate turtle a confection that contains pecans?

Speaking of chocolate, the article notes that Hershey’s will begin formulating its chocolate with a higher percentage of vegetable oil (and, of course, a lower percentage of cocoa butter). Although the companies say there will be no difference in the taste or quality of the final product, I predict that there will be less pilfering of Hershey bars from my daughter’s Halloween haul this year.

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