Gluten-free eaters, take note: Belmont’s Glutenus Minimus gives “regular bakeries a run for their money,” says heypielady. The bakery’s mainstay is sweets: cookies, cupcakes, and muffins, plus mixes for home bakers. heypielady’s fave was the ever-popular red velvet cupcake, with perfect cream cheese frosting and no funny aftertaste. The chocolate cupcake was also fine, the vanilla not so good. Cookies were great: molasses and a thin, chewy chocolate mint cookie. heypielady also crows that the look on her celiac-suffering cousin’s face “when he opened the box and saw those gorgeous cupcakes was worth it.”

On the traditional bread beat, hounds have been talking up the pretzel products from the small swissbäkexpress shop (an offshoot of swissbäkers) in Reading. Pretzel rolls, pretzel croissants, pretzel sticks, and traditional pretzels are all good things. gimlis1mum also liked the “light and flaky” croissant and the puffy, light chocolate Berliner.

jfung77 adds that the bakery has exceptional cheese platters (“aged Parmesan, excellent brie, blue cheese, etc.—this was orders of magnitude better than a Stop & Shop cheese platter, not too pricey”), and veggie platters. The only downer is the delivery charge, which can range all the way up to $44 but is lower the more you order.

Glutenus Minimus Bakery [North of Boston]
697 Belmont Street A, Belmont

swissbäkexpress [North of Boston]
32 Lincoln Street, Reading

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Swissbakers in Reading

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