We recently learned that a few of you readers are into blueberry coffee, but how do you feel about fruit-flavored brews? Fruity beers get a bad rap, and according to Slashfood, Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager is one of the offending brews that give fruit beers a bad name:

Abita drinks like a strawberry shake with sweet and overwhelming strawberry flavor. … It’s not an experiment I will be trying anytime soon, but the taste is similar to what I would expect from the leftover liquid in the bottom of a bowl of Frankenberry if I substituted Michelob Ultra for milk.

Gross! But BeerAdvocate gives better marks to a few fruity brews—such as New Glarus Brewing Company’s Wisconsin Belgian Red, which has “very impressive natural cherry flavor,” and Kuhnhenn Brewing Company’s Tenacious Cassis, which is described as having “Crazy scents of dark fruits.”

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