King’s Burger may look like just another little charbroiled burger stand. But it’s not, says ipsedixit. “Because not only does this place serve burgers and fries (as well as sandwiches—think The Hat), it also has an extensive sushi menu. Yes, sushi.” And we’re not talking about premade stuff, but fresh-made sushi on fancy-schmancy plates, says ipsedixit. “In fact, there’s even a sushi counter where you can—get this—order omakase style.”

The sushi is more than respectable for a burger joint, especially for those who like interesting rolls.

“The sushi is real good,” says Galen. “I always see Chef Justin. This is my go-to place nowadays instead of Go’s Mart.”

King’s Burger [San Fernando Valley – West]
9345 Reseda Boulevard, Los Angeles

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