Rangoli Sweets specializes in classic Bengali sweets such as chamcham, malai sandwich, sandesh, gulab jamun sandwich, and other hard-to-find delicacies. So far, all are excellent, raves losfelizhound: freshly made and not too sweet.

“Each and every one of the sweets i have tried so far is excellent. usually the problem with indian sweets at least in the us is they are too sweet, or are made from inferior ingredients, or the process lacks the detail of the old country. rangoli has certainly got the right formula—perfect sweetness accompanied with a freshness almost always lacking in most indian sweet stores. people, i kid you not, RUN to rangoli if you haven’t.”

Rangoli Sweets [South Bay]
1584 Halford Avenue, Santa Clara

Board Link: I dream of Rangoli Sweets

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