In defiance of geography, a couple more pizza outlets are trying to bring New York–style pies to San Francisco. Ragazza, a sibling to Gialina, opened in the Metro Hotel on a gussied-up stretch of Divisadero. On opening night, a meatball pizza sported a “resplendent charred crust and a nice balance of cheese to sauce,” says ChowFun_derek. “It also had the crisp and then chewy undercrust…but lacked that certain New York taste.” Still a pretty good pizza, though. Pizza amatriciana, with egg, has a crisper crust and a piquant sauce bathed in egg yolk. It’s highly enjoyable. The pizzas rely on a gas-, not wood-fired, oven.

Casey’s Pizza, a mobile operation, takes it one step further and cooks its pizza on a Weber grill. Casey says his focus is “more on New York-style pizzas with local ingredients,” says SouthToTheLeft. According to him, this means the dough is thicker and denser than Neapolitan style. Pizza margherita is “absolutely delicious,” says SouthToThe Left. “The sauce was rich and flavorful, the cheese was generously apportioned, and there was tons of basil.”

Ragazza [Haight-Ashbury]
311 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Casey’s Pizza [San Francisco]
No formal address, see Facebook for location info

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