FTC Says POM’s Erectile Claims Are Limp: The FTC filed a complaint about POM Wonderful, alleging it was making “false and unsubstantiated” claims about its products’ health benefits, such as helping with erectile dysfunction and heart disease. via LA Times

Le Whatever: The Le Fooding event pitting NY and SF chefs against each other was held, receiving criticism for its long lines and inadequate portion sizes. via Village Voice

The Big Gay Cupcake Backlash: An Indianapolis bakery was called out for discrimination after turning down an LGBT organization’s rainbow cupcake order. A local radio station is now planning a Gay Cupcake Party in response. via Huffington Post

WTF Is McD’s Up To?: The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald’s has threatened to drop its employee health care plan because of a new requirement of the U.S. health overhaul; after this gets bad press (duh) the company puts out a statement to the contrary. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Grub Street reports on the allegations that “Supervisor Eric Mar is pretty sure that the company bused in a bunch of Chinese speakers to help them fight a proposed citywide ban on Happy Meal toys.” What?? via Wall Street Journal and Grub Street SF

A Good Read: Kim Severson reveals that Gourmet Live inadvertently endorsed Diageo products in a cocktail recipe feature. The problem is, the recipes were from a bartender who is also a “spirits ambassador” for the big booze company. It made us pause and wonder: Are there any bartenders left who don’t shill for a liquor company? It’s interesting debate fodder, and the comments on the article are worth browsing too.

Deaths, Firings, Recalls, and Other Endings:

• Ben & Jerry’s agrees to drop its “all natural” claim from labels for ice cream containing stuff like corn syrup and hydrogenated oil, after threatening letters from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

• A former Kitchen Nightmares contestant commits suicide. Around the same time the news breaks, Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert tweet-bashes Gordon Ramsay, saying, “he is a poor inspiration for professional chefs in his shows.” Coincidence? Grub Street New York poses the question.

Debuts, Openings, and Other Beginnings:

• Domino’s introduces breakfast pizza, with an egg on top.

• Chef Daniel Patterson’s new restaurant, Plum, opens in Oakland, California, with a burger made of pig trotters on the menu.

The New York Times‘s restaurant critic, Sam Sifton, gives his first four-star review to Del Posto for its “fiery little chickpeas” and “oh, that wine!”

Batter Blaster, the pancake mix in the whipped cream can, rolls out a bacon-flavored batter.

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