The new food movement—call it what you will—arrived in a lot of college cafeterias some time ago. Now it hits the classroom: The Washington Post reports that universities are increasingly offering food studies courses, which are almost always packed. At Yale, a class called “Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food” is held in a lecture hall to accommodate the 325 registered students. The University of New Hampshire has inaugurated an ecogastronomy major that requires a semester at Slow Food’s university in Bra, Italy.

There used to be a shortage of food studies books, but now publishers are rushing to get out textbooks on the subject. Warren Belasco, a professor at the University of Maryland–Baltimore County who’s publishing a textbook this fall and is the author of a book on the counterculture and the food industry, concludes his course by asking students to bring in a dish that would please every author on the syllabus.

They bring a lot of salads.

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