It’s easy to cook eggs myriad ways on the stovetop, but what about the microwave or toaster oven in your office or dorm?

If you’re careful with the timing, you can scramble eggs in a microwave, say hounds. Take them out and stir every 30 seconds, and stop before they’re fully cooked to account for carry-over cooking time, advises biondanonima. blinknoodle says using a microwave for a homemade take on the Egg McMuffin is “super easy.”

It’s possible to make soft-cooked eggs in the shell in a toaster oven, says greygarious. In her toaster oven, it takes three toast cycles to to cook to the correct doneness. “I do an English muffin right along with the eggs,” she says.

Baked eggs are simple to do in a toaster oven. beachcrow spoons salsa into a ramekin, breaks in an egg, tops with cheese, and bakes 8 to 10 minutes at 375°F. Or whisk eggs, pour into a buttered muffin tin, and add toppings before baking.

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