John, a friend of Food & Wine’s Mouthing Off blog, suffers from celiac disease. So before he goes out to eat, he always calls ahead to let the restaurant staff know that he’s allergic to gluten. The restaurants “usually just make sure he orders safely and leave it at that.” But during a recent visit to New York City’s spendy and trendy Gilt, the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate him:

Once they were seated at their table, a waiter came over and placed a bread basket on the table. His wife reached for the bread, but the waiter gently pushed her hand away, telling them that the kitchen had prepared a special basket of gluten-free rolls just for John. For someone whose dietary restriction is more typically treated as a nuisance, this was exceptional. And the rolls were good! In fact, John says that he polished off the whole basket (who wouldn’t in his situation?) and the waiter brought out more, then let him take some home as well.

Well played, Gilt. Well played.

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