Some of my foodie friends have had kids recently and are faced with a new cooking challenge: how to prepare food for their little ones. At the moment they are warily eying the baby-food grinder and wondering what to do with it.

Enter Greg Johnson and his new project, Chef and Father. Johnson, a Seattle-based chef, filmmaker, and father of two, is producing a DVD to teach parents how to prepare homemade organic baby and toddler food—but more than that, he is trying to teach an appreciation of food and family and life lived at the table.

As Johnson explains on the website:

I am a working parent, too. Just because I am a professional chef doesn’t mean I’m at home all day cooking for my daughter. So I developed a system that made it easy for me or my wife to prepare a healthy homemade meal in minutes. With our extra time, we spent more nights as a family together at the table and I realized how important this was.

Johnson is personable and down-to-earth, and one can’t help but think he’d make a great cooking-show host (note to Food Network: Grab this guy while you can). His values alone are enough to make one swoon. “It’s about family, it’s about food. It’s about getting them used to all different types of foods from a very young age,” he explains in the online trailer for the DVD. “The memory of a family meal is something that sticks with people for the rest of their lives.”

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