Koreans cool off in summertime with the chilled soybean soup called kong gook soo. A hound-worthy version has turned up in Woodside, Queens, at Han Ah Reum, the chain grocery. Made fresh in-house, it’s “ultra-refreshing in the heat,” says plum.

When plum dropped by recently, the store was passing out samples seasoned simply with salt and sesame oil. Typically, though, kong gook soo is sold unseasoned. Shoppers take it home and flavor it as they please. Some like it savory, some sweet; usually wheat noodles are added.

Woodside’s Han Ah Reum is already on hound radar for its house-made bean curd, but note that not all the locations are as ambitious. Look for kong gook soo among the other bean curd products, sold in big plastic containers for $4.

A couple of subway stops over, in Jackson Heights, congee likes the kong gook soo at a restaurant called Midang. It’s satisfying and possibly habit-forming, she adds.

Han Ah Reum [Woodside]
59-18 Woodside Avenue (near Roosevelt Avenue), Woodside, Queens

Midang [Elmhurst]
75-14 Broadway (near 75th Street), Elmhurst, Queens

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