Blogger (and Grinder regular) Tea, of Tea & Cookies, is working on a book about meat, hanging out with “butchers and ranchers and the nicest charcuterie folks ever.”

In the name of literature, she’s poised to do what Texans do pretty much every week of their lives: eat meat every day for a week. And she’s appealing to the general public for help in coming up with enough scrumptious recipes to fuel the meat feat.

So far, a skim of the copious comments produces an (abridged) list of recipes that looks something like this …

Mexican meatballs

Hoisin baby back ribs

Black bean soups/stews

Malaysian chicken curry

Ham in pipérade

Spicy lamb burgers

Afghan pumpkin kadu bouranee

Holy moly. It’s a tempting enough array to get a vegan eying the butcher’s case … or get a Southerner through lunchtime …

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