Trend Restaurant recently opened in the location that was formerly Wynn’s Chinese restaurant. While its menu also offers Shanghainese and northern dishes, its true specialty is Szechuan food, says Melanie Wong. Apparently the chef previously worked at Great Szechuan in Richmond (at least, if that’s what the server meant by “the restaurant with Ranch 99, north of Berkeley”), and the menu looks quite similar.

Chongqing chicken, served with a pile of dry-toasted chiles and Szechuan peppercorns, is “really cleanly deep-fried and had a wonderful crispy coating and juicy meat,” says Nancy Berry. Melanie Wong notes that it’s worth letting the chicken sit a bit to really absorb the chile-infused oil.

Tasting the garlic A-vegetable, or A-cai, “you can tell this was cooked in a hot wok, smoky,” in the words of Melanie Wong’s brother William. The fresh crunch of the juicy stems and smooth tenderness of the leafy parts remain intact, Melanie says.

Handmade knife-cut noodles with seafood are thick and firm, she continues, and very tasty with the stir-fried caramelized veggies, and chunks of fish, shrimp, and squid. The complementary pickled vegetables in chile oil (pao cai) are also quite good, and there’s house-made chile oil for sale.

Trend Restaurant [Peninsula]
400 Moffett Boulevard, Mountain View

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