According to hounds, one of the best places for frozen yogurt in the Bay Area is Clear Optometry. The name is no joke: You can actually have your eyes checked and buy prescription lenses along with your fro-yo. Melanie Wong reckons that the ubiquitous YoCream is used as a base here, but it tastes better somehow. There are just two flavors each day. The litchi that Melanie tasted was very natural and pure, she says. The frozen yogurt is not very tart, says kauz, and some toppings are layered in the middle as well as painstakingly packed on top. artemis was impressed by the generous servings (a small is plenty for two), the perfectly ripe fruit, and the eight flavors of mochi.

Hounds also rated both Fraîche and Harmony. jsaimd prefers the former, saying it’s less sweet and less tangy, but somehow more refreshing. Melanie Wong agrees with the characterization, but she prefers the weightier, tangier Harmony fro-yo above all others. meloncollie loves the fact that Fraîche uses organic, local ingredients, including the yogurt, made fresh each day.

Melanie Wong, who’s been reporting faithfully on frozen yogurt places for weeks, says her top five also includes Gelayo Gusto (which serves gelato too, from Fiorello’s in San Rafael), Snowbunny in Healdsburg (organic Straus yogurt and Clover milk, excels with flavored yogurt), and SoGreen in San Francisco (intense green tea flavor, blended in-house). “What they share … is that they’ve developed their own unique product and one that’s relatively unadulterated and tastes like natural yogurt,” she says. Frutti in Saratoga, she adds, formulates its natural flavor in-house and uses only pectin as an emulsifier.

Clear Optometry [Peninsula]
138 E. Third Avenue, San Mateo

Fraîche [Peninsula]
644 Emerson Street, Palo Alto

Harmony Frozen Yogurt [Peninsula]
1226 Arroyo Avenue, San Carlos

Gelayo Gusto [Peninsula]
856 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View

Snowbunny Frozen Yogurt [Sonoma]
312 Center Street, Healdsburg

SoGreen Yogurt [Financial District]
Crocker Galleria, 50 Post Street, San Francisco

Frutti Gelato & Yogurt [South Bay]
18562 Prospect Road, Saratoga

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